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Super Resolution
Image Analysis

About the Facility

The Gurdon Institute Imaging Facility (GIIF) offers a wide variety of advanced light microscopy systems and provides support with experimental design, computational image analysis and data presentation as well as microscopy training.

Researchers who use the Gurdon Institute Imaging Facility should ensure that they acknowledge us in all relevant publications, images and presentations. For example, "We would like to acknowledge [staff name at] the Gurdon Institute Imaging Facility for microscopy and image analysis support."
When imaging facility staff make a significant intellectual contribution to a project, it may be appropriate to include them as a co-author. This includes input into the design of experiments or interpretation and analysis of results.

Alex Sossick

Facility Manager

Nicola Lawrence

Advanced microscopy

Richard Butler

Computational image analysis and programming

George Sirinakis

Super-resolution microscope development
  • Confocal Microscopes
  • Leica SP5 inverted
  • Leica SP8 upright
  • Leica SP8 inverted
  • Zeiss 880
  • Olympus FV1000 inverted
  • Olympus IX81 Spinning Disk
  • Widefield Microscopes
  • Deltavision